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Prefabricated Steel Mini Storage Buildings

prefabricated self-storage buildings are easily erected when using mini storage buildings

Prefabricated Steel Mini Storage Buildings

Highly Efficient Pre-Engineered Mini Storage Building Solution

“Is metal just metal? Not anymore. Mini storage buildings are the quickest, most economical method of construction. In today’s market, building with steel provides more flexibility than ever, with multiple options for framing, aesthetics, and roofing. Developers and contractors are getting the best value for their projects by using metal components.”  Justin Farris, Capco Steel – Article: “Is Metal Just Metal”

The Steel Advantage for Mini Storage Buildings Businesses

The Mini Storage buildings industry is one of the fastest growing industries in North America. To put this trend in perspective, consider the following: studies conducted by the National Self Storage Association show that 1 in every 10 US households are currently renting at least one Mini-Storage unit 1.

Mini Storage Buildings

Mini Self-Storage Buildings

Why Steel For Mini Storage?

-Shorter Construction Time
Erected faster – begin operations much sooner
-Lower Construction / Material Costs
Save up to 60% on construction and material costs
-Inexpensive & Easy to Expand
Add new units or expand existing at low cost, without interrupting services
-Durable & Weather Resistant
Sturdiest material on the market, NO cracking, rotting; pest resistant
-Energy Efficient
Save money on maintaining ideal storage conditions – lowest heat and cooling loss statistics
An added benefit when flammable materials are being stored
-Environmentally Responsible
Built with recycled material (save forests, not scrap metal)
-Insurance Advantages
Save up to 40% on premiums for building with steel
-Minimal Maintenance
Steel mini warehouse buildings are virtually maintenance free
-Single Source Assurance
One source responsible for repairs under warranty (typically 25 years)
-Attractive Finish
Aesthetic surface textures and colors, or unlimited custom options including brick, vinyl siding, stucco etc.
-Enhanced Security Options
Guarantee safety & security of stored items

How Big Should Your Steel Mini Storage Buildings Be?

According to a recently televised CNN business trends report, because of this market niche, Self-Storage dominates as the division of the real estate market with the most rapid growth in the last quarter of a century. And due to exponential population increase, “Generation Y” coming of age and the ‘Baby Boomer’ population downsizing this industry shows no signs of fatigue – there’s nowhere to go but up.

Self-storage is so hot, that a whole subset of businesses has emerged, whose purpose is to consult with and advise entrepreneurs and veteran business people who are considering starting a Mini-Storage business – and to inform those who are already reaping profits with successful storage businesses.

Scott Meyers of is one such Mini-Storage enthusiast, and here is what he wants you to know about the industry: “The development cost of Self Storage is one-third to one-half that of apartments (multi-family), office buildings, or retail properties . . . Self Storage operating costs are less than half that of other real estate properties . . . the break-even point is considerably lower than other real estate ventures due to its low development costs . . . (and) compared to other real estate investments, Self Storage has the ability to absorb economic fluctuations, maintaining value during both good and bad economic times.” 2

mini storage buildings for self-storage companies

This last point of Mr. Meyers’ is not to be taken lightly, as any business-minded individual will attest to. Mini storage buildings have a major advantage over all sorts of other commercial sectors and industries, in that it does well whether the economy is on the up and up, or in the midst of a horrendous downturn. And it’s easy to see why: during a boom, prosperous conditions mean Self-Storage owners can expect to see more mobile and commercial customers with business-related storage needs; during a recession, however, business and residential populations alike are forced to “downsize,” seeking smaller office space, smaller homes, and the resulting lower-rent conditions. Demand for storage space goes up, and Self-Storage owners reap the profits.

So, now that you’re ready to embark on a new Mini-Storage business, why choose Steel for your Mini-Storage buildings? For starters, every business person knows that time is money. By choosing steel, you save time at every stage of your project’s life, i.e: design, construction, maintenance, and expansion! This will translate into money saved and money earned at the end of the day. Metal buildings designers and manufacturers are well aware of the fruitful Mini-Storage market and have painstakingly produced carefully pre-engineered designs optimized for the Self-Storage industry, and these superior designs will cost you less than building with any other material on the market. Furthermore, you can expand later without interrupting interior operations in other units.

In addition, major insurance savings of up to 40% are a potential when you go with the superb security, fire and pest-proof structural integrity of pre-engineered steel for your storage units. And, since building with steel can earn you major LEED Green Building points, you may be able to cash in on Government rewards for Green Commerce and Industry – going Green is also a major sell-point for customers.

Steel Mini-Storage building kits are warranted to last – on average for 25 years, although interior walls are sometimes warranted for 40 years! Since units controlling for humidity and temperature can draw customers who are willing to pay more for the added benefit, manufacturers have a plethora of options for adding climate control to your mix. Superior insulation R-ratings, achievable thanks to the perfect-fit designs available with steel; mean you pay less to maintain interior climate control conditions.

The writing is on the wall: there really is no choice other than pre-engineered steel buildings, when you are building a Mini-Storage business. For custom quotes on the mini storage, building costs complete our online quote form for up to four competing quotes from local mini-storage building manufacturers.

If You Have Questions About Prefab Metal Buildings

We Have Answers. Contact Us Today! is here to protect the consumer and educate the ever-growing market of prefabricated building consumers. Don’t let fancy speeches fool you, you buy a building for life. Buy one you’ll be happy with the rest of it.

  1. This figure is taken from, who offer a home study course for Self-Storage entrepreneurs
  2. Scott Meyers offers a Mini-Storage Investment Course, that entrepreneurs & business veterans can purchase at his site, linked above. To obtain more facts and figures like those quoted in our article, one needs to sign up for his free newsletter. He also has a LinkedIn Public Profile.